What’s a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system (and why do you need it)?

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What’s a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system (and why do you need it)?

There are some software systems that are becoming increasingly important to run a business no matter what the size. These systems can greatly increase efficiency and increase ROI, one of these being a CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Some companies rely on their CRM as the backbone of their entire business. Therefore, it is important to choose the right tool from the beginning in order to maximize capabilities and avoid costly migrations down the road. We will discuss ‘What is a CRM?’, what it can do for you and look at one of the most popular ones out there today, Salesforce, and how you can grow with it as your company grows.

Presented by: Melissa Shepard.

Melissa is the Founder, President & CEO of LizzardTech Consulting (LizzTech), an emerging Salesforce Partner Consulting company in the Boston area. Melissa has 20+ years of experience in Technology and Software Development, focusing primarily on Salesforce for the past 14+ years. She is 21x Salesforce certified and holds both the Salesforce System & Application Architect credentials and is in the process of preparing for the CTA review board. She is constantly learning and working on certifications and currently giving back by mentoring others. She started building her own Salesforce partner consulting company in 2016 and focuses mainly on Technical Architecture and Application Development. She is also a 3x certified yoga teacher, knows how to read and pronounce Gurmukhi script and enjoys visiting India for spiritual studies.

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