Customized Salesforce Strategies



Customer Background

ProMedTek is a medical device company working exclusively with the Veterans Health Administration for almost a decade. Provide Positive, Consistent Outcomes to our Prescribers and Patients. Through proprietary technology (Replexa+ Therapy System) and one-of-a-kind Patient Support Program, they help our military veterans receive the care, support and positive, consistent outcomes they deserve.

Areas of Implementation:
  • Sales Cloud
Client Sector:
  • Health & Life Sciences / Biotech / Pharma

What was the Business Need?

ProMedTek wanted to transition from Salesforce Classic to Lightning and knew that would be a tricky process. They also had a need to bring a new sales team on to its core sales process in an existing Salesforce org. Executive management lacked visibility into sales numbers, metrics and orders. There was also a lack of an overall customer 360 view. There also wasn't any quota functionality which was needed for the sales teams at an Account level.

How Did LizzardTech Help?

  • Transitioned from classic to lightning
  • Rolled out efficient Sales Strategy for the Regional VPs and their teams
  • Customized the Opportunity Management to Support Order and Invoice Tracking
  • Automation of routine tasks – Configured Activity Management for the RVPs and the team members for efficient sales and tracking of to-dos and communication
  • Designed the sales process with a Progress Bar: Brought transparency to the sales process with Salesforce Opportunity records
  • Configured Custom Quota Management: Helped track the sales funnel in salesforce and get a clear picture of how likely they are to achieve annual, quarterly and monthly targets
  • Impactful Statistics:Tracking KPIs, adoption metrics, CEO Insightful reporting
  • Cleansing of the overall UI experience
  • Data Management and Backup Planning and Execution
  • Created accurate Reports and Dashboards
  • Implemented effective security management


  • Streamlined sales processes
  • Improved internal coordination across departments and locations
  • Increase in visibility for management & executives, KPI dashboards
  • Increase in reporting accuracy, presentation of critical information in visually appealing dashboards
  • Inter-department transparency and communication
  • Activity management and better handling of the to-dos
  • Reps Goal Tracking with Actuals – increase in overall sales, efficient patient management and end customer management
  • Increase in sales efficiency for new orders and renewals
  • Helping patients before they know they need help
  • Efficient data management systems and improves workflows while complying fully with medical privacy regulations
  • Data deduplication, cleansing, backup planning and storage strategy
  • Effective Salesforce Lightning rollout to all of the departments