One Common Unity

Customized Salesforce Strategies

One Common Unity


Customer Background

One Common Unity is a nonprofit organization dedicated to violence prevention by healthy community building through education, music, arts, and holding events, festivals, and concerts. OCU reaches out to families and especially kids through schools, events, film, and utilizes the arts to help teach peaceful practices and a greater sense of equality and community in our youth.

Areas of Implementation:
  • Sales Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP)
  • Lightning Platform / Transition
Client Sector:
  • Non-Profit / Higher Education

What was the Business Need?

OCU was having serious issues with usability and user friendliness of the Nonprofit Success Pack that had been implemented by another Salesforce consultant. Facilitators and educators at OCU needed a better way to manage students. Event organization was poor. They needed attendee monitoring and event coordination efforts were not being properly tracked and implemented effectively. They were not properly using Gmail within the Salesforce platform. OCU had poor communication between the organization’s employees. There was difficulty maintaining contact with donors and volunteers, as well as finding new donors and volunteers.

How Did LizzardTech Help?

  • Transitioned OCU’s Salesforce org to Lightning and re-implemented the
  • Nonprofit Success Pack
  • Set up a Community portal for Facilitators
  • Used Eventbrite/Salesforce Sync to enable OCU to better track attendees of previous and current events
  • Synced with MailChimp to allow for personalized mass mailings to go out to event attendees
  • Implemented Salesforce Labs Events in order to keep better overall track of each event and optimize their success
  • Aided them in setting up Lightning for Gmail sync
  • Implemented Chatter
  • Implemented Salesforce VS4 Volunteers from AppExchange to hire and track
  • Volunteers and Volunteer shifts


  • OCU was much happier with the user friendliness of the new UI
  • Facilitators and students can maintain a better connection and educators can effectively keep track of students and their activity
  • Event information and attendee info is now being properly stored, tracked, and utilized for future events.
  • MailChimp helped them attract even more interested parties to their latest events and Fly by Light screenings
  • Saved the employees time and helped better track contacts by integrating their email with Salesforce
  • Has better collaboration on critical items such as Grants & Funding, Event
  • Coordination, and Sponsorship
  • Quarterly newsletters are now sent to donors
  • Volunteers are properly sourced and updated