Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Customized Salesforce Strategies

Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Customer Background

Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc., was established in 1993 as a genomics company applying world-class recombinant technology to the discovery and development of innovative new therapies in a broad spectrum of diseases. In May, 2008, Millennium was acquired by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Millennium brings a strong oncology commercial presence and holds responsibility for the promotion of VELCADE within the United States. The commercial team at Millennium offers services including full scale reimbursement assistance, patient advocacy, liaisons with global medical affairs as well as health system and oncology based specialists.

Areas of Implementation:
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
Client Sector:
  • Health & Life Sciences / Biotech / Pharma

What was the Business Need?

Needed to accurately track and report on Aggregate Spend for physicians and medical personnel. Needed to share data across disparate systems and connect custom internal systems with Salesforce. Needed to adhere to HIPAA and GxP compliance within Salesforce.

How Did LizzardTech Help?

  • Customized Salesforce to meet business requirements specific to the pharmaceutical industry
  • Integrated multiple internal Systems with Salesforce including Siperian/Informatica MDM, custom internal .NET applications, a custom content management SharePoint site and custom Java apps
  • Developed and Implemented a custom Aggregate Spend tracking app
  • Ensured adherence to HIPAA compliance
  • Operated within GxP compliance for regulated systems
  • Developed reports for Aggregate Spend


  • Increase in accuracy for Aggregate Spend tracking and reporting
  • Increase in compliance for Aggregate Spend
  • Increase in data accuracy across internal systems
  • Ability for executives to properly assess and make decisions on Aggregate