Customized Salesforce Strategies



Customer Background

HealthTronics, Inc., founded in 1989 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, provides integrated urological and interventional radiology products and services. The company brings its advanced technology and support systems to health care providers across the United States. HealthTronics’ solutions include lithotripsy services, laser and cryotherapy equipment rentals, maintenance services and physician partnership opportunities

Areas of Implementation:
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Data Migration
Client Sector:
  • Health & Life Sciences / Biotech / Pharma

What was the Business Need?

Healthtronics acquired a similar software company that was also on the Salesforce platform. They needed to merge both Salesforce instances into one instance. They also had disparate business processes and data due to the use of two separate orgs. They needed their support department to operate under one uniform process for both software products.

How Did LizzardTech Help?

  • Migrated an existing Salesforce instance into another existing Salesforce
    instance merging all of the metadata and data
  • Performed impact and data analysis for the merging of the two Salesforce
  • Customized SFDC orgs as necessary to meet business process needs
  • Implemented effective security management by managing all security in one
    Salesforce org
  • Streamlined internal business processes
  • Helped support reps operate under one internal support process


  • Increase in uniform support and business processes across the company
  • Increase in support response times
  • Increase in Salesforce adoption by employees
  • More accurate reporting of data
  • Reduction in employee frustration over multiple processes to follow