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Are you studying for a Salesforce certification exam? If so, I am more than willing to help answer any of your questions! I have passed all of the following exams and will share strategies and resources for passing them:

  • Salesforce Administrator 
  • Salesforce Platform App Builder
  • Salesforce Platform Developer I
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Sharing & Visibility Designer
  • Salesforce Data Architecture & Management Designer
  • Salesforce Application Architect
  • Salesforce Integration Architecture Designer
  • Salesforce Identity & Access Management Designer
  • Salesforce Development Lifecycle & Deployment Designer
  • Salesforce System Architect 
  • Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
  • Salesforce Field Service Lightning
  • Salesforce Advanced Administrator
  • Salesforce Pardot Specialist

I’m also taking more exams – I’m working on passing them all, so if you don’t see your exam listed please check back periodically. I’m currently working on Marketing Cloud Consultant, Mobile Solutions Architecture and CPQ Specialist this month of October 2018. I’m also on the Journey to CTA and will be writing about that as well, I’m just waiting for my review board date from Salesforce!




It’s been a long road with a lot of bumps, but we are reaching the goals that we set out for ourselves back in April. Two of those goals were to reach Salesforce Silver Partner Status for the August 1st evaluation deadline and to be an exhibitor at Dreamforce ’18. If you want to know how we have made both of these things possible for a small but growing Salesforce Consulting company, continue reading.

We pushed hard to reach the Partner Value Score to become Silver Partners, and with a lot of hard work and determination we made it. We basically went from zero to Silver in a matter of 3 months. It was a combination of earning certifications by myself and other employees with two of us earning Architect certifications, doing some small win projects (even pro-bono work) to write some customer success stories along with CSATs and learning on Trailhead. I wasn’t so sure it would actually happen as the deadline approached and we were in our last week, but a few days before the deadline we gained enough points to cross the threshold and made it happen. A MAJOR accomplishment for a small company that was in jeopardy of losing their consulting partner status back in May due to lack of certified consultants.

Two weeks later we received a promotional email from Salesforce about Dreamforce ’18. I had inquired about being an exhibitor for Dreamforce back in April or May, and as the summer came around we still just didn’t have the budget. I emailed Salesforce to let them know it just wouldn’t be in our budget this year and turned my attention to just gaining Silver Partner Status and being an exhibitor next year, giving us another whole year to plan. By a turn of events it’s now happening – and at lightning speed. We became a last minute exhibitor with a promotional offer from Salesforce.

A day after we signed up to be an exhibitor I got the email that I was selected to be a Dreamforce ’18 speaker, in the partner track. I submitted a couple of ideas, but as of now I don’t know what I will be speaking on or when. We still don’t even have our booth number yet. We were thinking about rebranding a bit and doing a new logo, but since we weren’t going to be an exhibitor we pushed that down the priority list. Now that we are, we’ve been pushing for a bit of rebranding and are in the midst of creating a new logo. Once that is done, we still have a lot of work ahead of us! New pens, business cards, free giveaways for the event, updated website, social media etc…and the list goes on. We’ve never done anything like this before (except host our own monthly Salesforce Meetup, if you are in the Boston area check it out Boston Salesforce Meetup) and it is a complete whirlwind. I’ve reached out to some local women-owned businesses through a group that I belong to, Boston Business Women, to find some experts to help us prepare.

We are a home-grown Salesforce Consulting company, even partially family run, and have grown out of of the weeds of day-to-day Salesforce architecture and development. We have a heavy focus on architecture in everything we do from actual architecture to business analysis. We provide end-to-end customized solutions for Salesforce and hope to have certifications in ALL areas of Salesforce by the end of this year. We are looking to grow and expand our business to become a competitor in the market and the goals that we have reached in the past few weeks are major milestones in making that happen. If you are interested in becoming a part of this grown, don’t hesitate to contact us

-Melissa Shepard

President & CEO/CTO

P.S. check back for our updated logo hopefully in the next week or so and let us know what you think!!

Thank you to those who joined us at our first monthly unofficial Salesforce meetup! We had a wonderful time getting to talk with prospective Salesforce users and other consultants and techs. We hope you can join us after work February 15th from 5-8 pm. We are looking to gather all types of users and professionals, and even those just curious to learn what Salesforce is all about! Let’s see how we can all help each other out within the Salesforce ecosystem. We will provide tasty food courtesy of the Kinsale Irish Pub and Restaurant, so come have some free grub, get a cold drink after a long day, and network with us!

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