Boston IVF

Customized Salesforce Strategies

Boston IVF


Customer Background

Boston IVF provides innovative fertility treatments and cutting-edge embryo science. They've developed laboratory and embryo sciences that many clinics now use throughout the world. Back in 1986, they were founded on the philosophy that research, innovation, comprehensive care, and respect are all essential to achieving the best fertility outcomes and experiences for our patients.

Areas of Implementation:
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Health Cloud
Client Sector:
  • Health & Life Sciences / Biotech / Pharma

What was the Business Need?

Poor reporting of data for doctor's offices creating an inability to properly support the doctors and give them accurate information. Low engagement with patients due to poor communication plans causing many patients to fall out of their care plans and seek other treatments or none at all. Disparate systems making it hard to get a 360 view of the patient.

How Did LizzardTech Help?

  • Migrated data from WinMed to Salesforce
  • Designed Salesforce data architecture
  • Designed and architected Salesforce for Patient Management
  • Set up and configured Health Cloud for patient management
  • Set up and configured Marketing Cloud for patient engagement and for patients to enter into different kinds of journeys
  • Re-created WinMed reports in Salesforce
  • Automation for Leads/Prospective Clients
  • Patient Community using Health Cloud
  • Implemented Patient Care Teams
  • Set up Care Plans, utilized marketing cloud for communications
  • Implemented HL7 fields in Salesforce
  • Implemented mission-critical business processes
  • Movement of doctors from one main Account to another main Account
  • Doctors related to multiple offices
  • Account & Contact Merge
  • Implemented Person Accounts


  • Increase in patient engagement and retention
  • Increased ability to involve patients in care plans for higher success rates of conception
  • 360 view of the patient and their history
  • Increase in reporting accuracy and metrics for executive management
  • Increase in ability to support doctor’s offices and provide them accurate data and information
  • More accurate tracking of referring physicians