Arc Bio

Customized Salesforce Strategies

Arc Bio


Customer Background

ArcBio is a biotech company specializing in developing new Next Generation Sequencing solutions to better diagnose and manage infectious disease. Arc Bio created the Galileo Pathogen Solution (GPS) to better enable physicians and laboratorians to detect infection using cutting edge genomics tools. Arc Bio’s mission is to improve infection testing accuracy as well as lessen result-times and costs for patients. They seek to revolutionize the way we combat infectious disease and antibiotic resistance on a global scale.

Areas of Implementation:
  • Sales Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Lightning Platform
Client Sector:
  • Health & Life Sciences / Biotech / Pharma

What was the Business Need?

ArcBio needed a proper storefront for their site for customers to log in and purchase their product. They wanted functionality in an app launcher that was split between two templates. Admin users at the company needed the ability to assign admin licenses to other users.

How Did LizzardTech Help?

  • Implemented a Lightning Customer Community to create a public facing
    customer portal
  • Implementing Lightning Components helped bring together the functionality
    from two templates.
  • Created a custom AppMenuItem that was like the Aloha template app launcher
    but integrated into the Napili template
  • Leveraged Community Cloud to write a license pooling feature into their system
    for admin community plus users


  • ArcBio’s product is now readily available and easy to access online and
  • Significant increase in revenue and ROI
  • A custom app launcher that has the desired look and functionality of both
    templates they were hoping for
  • Improved app usability
  • Admin users have the ability to assign admin licenses to other users in order to
    access the community
  • Streamlined delegated admin abilities for the company and their customers